Improving medication management

We empower patients and enable a seamless transition from hospital to home.

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Designed for patients and their caregivers

Pillpresso is an assistive device that removes the need for manual medicine sorting.

It delivers peace of mind and time savings, so that you can focus on life's priorities and your loved ones.

Stores up to 10 meds

Each drawer stores 30 days' worth of medicines.

Alerts user to take her meds on time

We can cater to the most complex medicine regimens you can think of.

Save time spent on sorting meds

Just place one medicine into each drawer, and you're set.

Notify nurses or caregivers when adverse events occur

Provide early intervention, before your loved one's condition worsens.

Refill Reminders

Never run out of critical medicines again.

Adjust dosage or timing remotely

Well suited for medicines that are regularly titrated (e.g. warfarin, statins).

Works even without Wi-Fi

Ideal for the elderly without Wi-Fi installed at home.

Low Electricity Usage

Less than US$0.07 per day.

All you need at your fingertips

Setting reminders. Tracking progress. Adjusting the medicines. Our app does all these and more – seamlessly.

Ease of use

Our app has garnered praise for its user-friendliness and intuitive design.

Adherence History Tracking

View the user's adherence on an aggregated level or by medicine, within your custom timeframe.

Customised to your needs

Prevent alert fatigue by customising when you'd like to receive alerts.

Android and iOS Compatible

Works on any phone or tablet you prefer.

We help hospitals provide quality care, even with fewer nurses.

There is an acute shortage of nurses all over the world.

Pillpresso helps hospitals provide quality care even with fewer nurses, without compromising on safety.

Drive patient empowerment

Capable patients can self-administer their medicines in the hospital through Pillpresso. This increases their medication knowledge and lets them transition home seamlessly.

Achieve time savings for nurses

Reduce time spent on administering medicines for stable or capable patients.

Our Collaborators

We are proud to work alongside these leading healthcare institutions.

  • “My dad takes 9 meds daily. With Pillpresso, less time and effort can be spent sorting them. It also allows for easy dosage adjustments when there's a need.”
    Mdm Wong HJ
  • “Very easy to use. Even children can use too. It's better to take the medicines on our own with Pillpresso. The nurse can relax more.”
    Mdm Hor GW
    92 year old patient with mild dementia
  • “Pillpresso reduces errors and the time needed in medicine sorting. It provides home nurses like me more time for client interaction too.”
    Ms. YF
    Senior Staff Nurse

Award-winning Work

As a nod to the impact of our work, we have won national competitions every year since our founding in 2016.

Our Team

The founders met while working as pro-bono consultants at Southeast Asia's 1st social change consultancy.

Now at Pillpresso, they are driven by their aim to make a positive, lasting impact in healthcare.

CEO & Co-Founder

Emily Low

CEO & Co-Founder

Jason Feng

CTO & Co-Founder

We'll be at the NHS Expo this September.

We'll be exhibiting at the largest NHS event from 4 to 5 September. This year's focus is on bringing the NHS Long Term Plan to life.

Our Stand: 145 (beside GE Healthcare)
Location: Manchester Central, England
Date: 4-5 September 2019

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Reach out to us at [email protected]

About Pillpresso

Founded in 2016, Pillpresso is a healthtech startup and social enterprise. Our mission is to improve medication management from hospital to home, for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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